Local government is where the rubber meets the road. Each year, when the Board of Supervisors approves the budget, they invest in our community’s priorities. Our current board of supervisors is a tight team of five who make decisions with careful consideration of all sides to an issue, and when they disagree they do so with deep respect for shared leadership and civic responsibility. I would work to serve this county in the same way, there is no room for partisan politics on the county board of supervisors.

This county boasts a well-educated, informed and engaged community. It’s critical to have Winneshiek County residents at the table when important decisions are made that affect their daily life. 

The Board of Supervisors provides the essential services to create a healthy, vibrant, and safe community in Winneshiek County. 

We will be faced with new economic challenges as a result of the current health care crisis which will require critical investments in health and human services, and we must be ready to make difficult choices to recover economically.

As a resident of Winneshiek County, you have a strong voice in how your government operates. I encourage you to get involved and help heal and support the community you live in; together we can work to keep this county the best place to live, work, play and grow older comfortably. 


  • secondary roads and bridges
  • flood mitigation
  • agricultural support
  • affordable housing
  • mental health care
  • child care
  • economic growth
  • public health and human services
  • COVID19 economic recovery

I will work to:

  • support and maintain public infrastructure
  • economic development
  • keep residents healthy
  • ensure public safety
  • maintain public information
  • and implement federal, state, and local programs in a cost-effective and efficient manner

Let’s work together.

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