Shirley Vermace

The best choice for Winneshiek County District 3 Supervisor.

Effective Leader and Consensus Builder

Shirley works with neighbors of every political persuasion to get things done. She recognizes what we need, is able to identify and build on what we have in common, and help us come to solid, reasonable solutions to problems together. Shirley has the unique ability to turn obstacles into opportunities, to help everyone in our community.

Strong Local Control Advocate

Shirley’s vision is for a Winneshiek County that is civil and collaborative. A county where we work together and see our diversity and differences as a strength. She’s long been a strong proponent of local control of policies and regulations in Winneshiek County and is at the front of the line working for us to control what effects us most.

Committed to Community

Shirley has volunteered over the last two decades working as the PTO President for Decorah Schools, voter registration, on the Decorah Park Board, Winneshiek County Habitat for Humanity, and working for the dog park, among other things.


Most recently Shirley facilitated the Seamster Union of Winneshiek County, a group of 183 area volunteers who have created over 30,000 face masks (to date) and 361 PPE gowns for county hospitals, nursing homes, businesses and organizations. The group is continuing to sew more for area businesses as Iowa begins to re-open.


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