County Sustainability Plan

The County Courthouse has done a great job of replacing their light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, but we need to look at bigger projects as we move toward energy efficiency in all parts of the county government, to be a good partner to combat climate change and to make this county a healthier county for future generations. To begin with, I’d advocate for  an energy efficiency analysis on all county buildings, the utilities we use can assist with this as can the Winn Energy District. Can County trucks/vehicles be electric? Are solar panels on all county buildings that they can be? Is this feasible? Why or why not? Can this be done with bonding or do we look closely at PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) with electrical contractors in the county? 

Is there a spreadsheet of all meters of all county electric meters over a 12 month period showing power usage? Show it to all Solar Producers – what would it cost the county to build/install our own or what would a PPA look like? Get RFP from area contractors.

If 50% of the land currently in watersheds were put in permanent no-till we’d reduce most of the flooding – it’d save bridges in this county. SOLAR FIELDS, just another crop really!

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